Monday, January 23, 2012


Two Cranes Watching Sunset
So what if the sunset was several weeks earlier and a couple of hours' drive South?  The cranes don't care.  They were in the Bosque when we visited recently.  I'm thinking of marketing this one as a Valentine's Day card -- though it could also be sent as a Happy Anniversary card.  Perhaps these two have been watching sunsets contentedly together for nearly a lifetime.   I don't know.  If I recall correctly, geese are monogamous and ducks quite the opposite, but I'll have to read up on sandhill cranes.

This one I sent to my aunt, who has just added Hospice to the resources helping her right now. 

I can't quite tell, though, whether it's best suited for a sympathy card -- or a card celebrating a young person's departure from the nest.   Or something else I haven't thought of yet. 

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Two Cranes Watching Sunset © 2012 Peter Goodman
Two Cranes Watching One Fly Away © 2012 Peter Goodman

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