Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Me: Mature female who spends most of her time alone underground, avoiding the desert sun. 
Distinguished (named for Gen. Darius Nash Couch, my family's been in the Smithsonian since the 1850's)  but lonely. 
Wonderful rain got me up out of the ground last night, for the first time in ages, but I saw no one! 
Where were you?  I saw only a couple of funny-looking bi-peds carrying little boxes that shot sudden bright lights at me every so often!  Not sure what they get out of that.

<----  Anyway, here's my beautiful back, wonderfully camouflaged -- as if you really care!  
You: male Couch's Spade Foot capable of a hot time in the wet desert -- no questions asked.   The rain won't be here forever. 
Hurry!  Even though my eggs will hatch within a couple of days, the water might dry up even faster!
In a pinch, will consider a Plains Spadefoot.  Too horny to care right now, but I'm no Texas horned toad!  

When this goes down, I'll meet you by the dead agave!

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  1. Peter,
    YOur column in Sun News on the National Monument,discribes my life, I ranched for 23 years in Montana. YOu couldn't be more correct.