Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Farmers' Market, Las Cruces 23Aug2014

I'm a regular at the Saturday morning Famers' Market in Las Cruces.

Addicted to it, you might say: not only to the fresh bread and vegetables and fruits we enjoy for the week between markets; and not only to local food, to fresh food that didn't waste a bunch of petroleum getting itself here, to buying from trusted friends instead of faceless corporations, to having some clue what's in the food I'm eating; but also to the friendship of vendors and fellow shoppers, old friends and new, great conversations, and a ready supply of enjoyable images to feed my camera.

I keep meaning to post a few of those images each Saturday afternoon, but rarely manage it.  These, at least, I did get ready, and would have posted Sunday except that Sunday was for my column from the Sun-News.

Note: I shoot street photographs in public places.  If anyone sees himself or herself in one of 'em, and wants a copy, s/he should email me and let me know, and I'll email one back.  Equally, if you see yourself or your spouse or your did or your dog up here and would prefer I delete the image, let me know -- by email or with a comment on the blog -- and I'll delete it immediately.

These are from Saturday, 23 August:

Man on Truck I

Man on Truck II

A Family Saturday

Music Lover

Man Photographing Musician

Girl with Puppy

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