Saturday, May 28, 2016

Farmers' Market, 28 May 2016

just a quick post, few words, images from main street, closed for farmers' market.  BUT if your photo is here and either you'd like a copy or you'd like the image removed for any reason, please let me know immediately and i'll comply.  add a comment to the blog and/or if we don't know each other please email me: the address is my name, petergoodman, backwards, at -- that is n, a, m, etc.  almost like a Tibetan-sounding name, namdoog retep, except with no space between.  (I'm not writing the email address out in normal fashion to avoid 'bots recording it for scam artists or folks who send out junk email.)
great market, by the way: usual great breakfast at Bakehouse, good conversations with several close friends, a really refreshing massage, good music, and some good food to take home, despite the way recent hailstorm ravaged local gardens.  yet also deep sadness, missing one wonderful presence who won't ever be there again.
Anyway, . . .



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