Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More Images from around Home

I've been too busy to post something like this recently, with a crazy legal case going on and Sunday columns to investigate and write and a bunch of other stuff; but here's a sort of quick-shot gallery of some of the images around home the past few weeks.

Living where we live is an important aid in staying who we are, or would like to be.  A trip outside to feed the birds or take a couple of pails of water down to the compost bin or take a leak on some nutrient-starved little plant turns into a moment of wonder.
The sun will be hitting some flower just the right way or the hummingbirds will be performing their aerial dances or the vinegaroons mating near the front door -- or a rainbow is decorating the mountains.
I tried a couple of treatments of this rainbow, and liked this one.

The cactus flowers below, I haven't tried transforming into faux toes.  Still, I guess I felt like they might be lonely, or feel slighted, if I didn't let them come join the others in the gallery.


These guys have taken off for Cabo or somewhere,
leaving the milder-mannered hummers who winter with us.

I'd rather no feeder, but a hesperaloe or California fuchsia, but getting three or four of these fellas together, and in focus, is always fun.

I don't photograph a lot of white-winged doves.  They're the big guys who get in the way of my images of house finches, pyrrhaloxia, black-throated sparrows, and quail.  (The quail are comical figures.)

But one morning the sun happened to catch this guy when most everything around him was dark.  
 Meanwhile, more hummers . . .
Anyway, here are a bundle of recent images I meant to post here a couple of weeks ago.  Time keeps moving way too fast.  I keep expecting to hear the astronomers or physicists or someone announce that things have sped up in the universe, but it could just be my own vast age.
The familiarity of the red rose doesn't keep me from appreciating it every time the light catches a blossom in a slightly different way. 
This is our view East, just before sunset.  It's also exactly where the full moon rises, at certain points in the year.


Like in Ireland

Like in Ireland
Early one morning just walking back up from the goat pen, where the compost and worms now live, the desert after some decent rains suddenly looked like Ireland or something, all this lovely green.

This is how the photo looked, without any playing around.

Rose at Sunset

Mexican Hat


Yellow Butterfly

Clouds above Mountains at Sunset

New Mexico Sunset #83

The Moon Near Full

Red Sky at Night?

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