Monday, April 3, 2017

In the Garden - 2April 2017

Wandering around collecting a few flower images, I was quite taken with this composition nature had given me.  D had planted desert marigolds beside the rock rose in a spot where both seem quite content, and the wind and light had played with them a bit.  At any rate, it's the sort of goofy composition that'll sometimes capture my attention for longer than it should.  I can't resist experimenting with which treatment(s) it likes best.
Sometimes there's a single treatment that's obviously right for an image.  Others -- including this one -- seem to me to work quite well in a variety of media.

For example, this works as a pencil sketch . . .

. . . or as a painting . . .
. . . or even this slightly electric version . . .

. . . or as modified here.

Who else greeted me this morning?

The gazania, peering at the morning sun from its tiny spot between big rocks.
This little guy, who D says is known as Indian Feather.
The rock rose, who looks more like this than as pictured with the desert marigolds above.  The rock rose boasts an abundance of blossoms, and likes the sun where it is, but finds the wind challenging.

This tiny guy, apparently a damianita daisy.

And this familiar little wildflower, who appears around now to decorate the path down to the old goat-pen.

The damianita daisy looked good this way.

The gazania worked as a painting . . .

. . . but also in a more impressionist mode.

For the moment, went abstract-impressionist w Indian Feather

The rock rose seemed to like this treatment.

Elsewhere in the garden, recently, the birds are hanging around, as usual, and these were a couple of my favorites among recent images they gave me:

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