Saturday, June 3, 2017

In Defense of Donald Trump

Yes, in DEFENSE of Donald Trump:

All this hoopla about "covfefe" is about the silliest covfefe I've heard in awhile.
I'm about Trump's age.  I'm reasonably literate, thought to be smart, and moderately techno-savvy for our age.  I see that yesterday around noon I texted my wife "Lunch when whete/" -- and have sent to others a fair number of howlers recently.  Particularly here in New Mexico, where we borrow words from another language sometimes, the autocorrect suggestions can be a lot funnier than "covfefe" -- and sometimes we old guys with our fading vision press the wrong spot on the screen.  I usually catch mine, because I'm a writer and somewhat more patient than Donald Trump.

Actually, I like the word.  Yeah, I know he probably meant "coverage"; but covfefe sounds like a second cousin once removed to kerfuffle, which means [across the pond, at least] fuss or commotion.  If I type it into my cell-phone, the auto-correct suggestions are "covered", "concrete", "coffee", "coffers", Corvette", and "coveted."  "Cal coveted Connie's covered concrete Corvette" anyone?

But I think the huge covfefe over covfefe is sad.  It speaks to the desperation so many feel to make fun of the guy any way we can.  God knows the impulse is reasonable; but it's also a good one to resist if we also are in the business of making comments on the political scene which we imagine others might take seriously.  It's like putting up a big headline saying, "I'll take any chance I can get to bash Trump -- but please read my commentary as if it were unbiased and even-handed, even thoughtful."

If we're having a stupid contest, the folks banging Trump over the head over "covfefe" are managing to look dumber than he does, which is not always easy to do.

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