Saturday, May 20, 2017

More Images from Out Back -- May 2017

Here are some recent images from around our little high-desert home.  (Posts of images from earlier this year include: March 25April 1, and  April 3.  I also posted images from here on March 3, 2016 and posted Desert Spring Faux Toes on May 19 and A Few More Images of our Friends on May 26 .

Desert Spring appeared as a column in the Sun News on June 5, 2016 (sans images), and featured bull snake, roadrunner, Texas horned lizard, and bat-faced cuphea. (That last is a tiny flower.)  Then August in the Desert, another Sunday column with images added in the blog version, features vinegaroons (which many of you have likely never seen, but which hang around here a lot in certain months), hummingbirds (two of them beak-to-beak in mid-air),
rainbows, butterflies,dragonflies, and cactus flowers.  Then on October 11 "More Images from around Home."  I have wondered if putting together a bunch of images from the same seasons in different years could yield a fair description of what it's like here; but in 2015, the first post with images from here didn't go up until Sunday -- on May 11.  The next was "Roadrunner Follies" on August 15 -- with a link to an August 23, 2011 post called "The Courting of Roadrunners."
At any rate, here are some of the recent images I've gotten time to play with. 




What one might not immediately realize about these two images is that they are actually the same photograph treated very differently in the editing process.  Over the course of several evenings, I shot photos of theses ocotillo at or just before sunset, and liked quite a few of the resulting images.



Just above, too, I've included two different treatments of a single sunset image.  Like 'em both.  As I've mentioned elsewhere, we call these "Faux toes"  Photos made into faux paintings or other media.    They're fun to do.

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